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Create a Culture of Compliance


Compliance Assessments

Almost a decade of experience in Regulated Cannabis Operations, ICS will provide you with in an in-depth analysis of your business, presenting you with processes and structure you need to maintain your company’s security and compliance

Employee Training

Your employees are the front line in your business. ICS Consulting produces comprehensive training and educational programs for your staff, while you enjoy watching your business blossom. We provide employee compliance and human resource training


With our hands on experience of managing licensed operations in Colorado, ICS Consulting can guide you and provide the necessary tools to successfully run a compliant facility. We provide solutions for an industry under the regulatory microscope.

Facility Build-Outs

We specialize in assisting cannabis startup operations to become power players in their communities and in the industry as a whole. With our start-up guidance, your team has all the tools they need to be successful in all your business endeavors. 

The Secret to Compliance…

We have learned one of the most important key elements to being successful in a regulated industry is adding structure, no matter what size your company is. Ensuring all of your processes are in place, is one of our many passions working in cannabis operations. 

Implemented Processes

Implementing your processes at every phase is highly important, from licensing to build-outs, and opening day and the journey ahead. If there is a breakdown in processes, it could potentially increase compliance risks. 


Operating in this industry is not for the faint of heart. Endurance, diligence, engagement and daily commitment is required. It is a recipe for success. 

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Team Work

People are the most important factor in operating in a regulated market. Employees are the face of the company and the last gate keeper of compliance. 


Knowing where you are at during all of your process is one step in creating a good outcome for your business. 

A few things we’re passionate about…

Compliance Facility Assessments

We take pride in our Compliance Auditing Services. Our main goal is to coach businesses on being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to maintaining a facility in full compliance. At ICS Consulting, we specialize in training, educating and normalizing the internal auditing, inspections and record keeping processes for every type of State license.

Employee Training

ICS Consulting is deeply rooted in employee management systems and understand how to create structure in order for your employees to thrive in the work place. We have hands on experience working with employees in the Cannabis Industry and believe creating a Culture of Compliance is one of the most crucial factors to being successful in a regulated business.

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Health and Sanitation

Health and Sanitation best practices are highly important, in an industry under a magnifying glass. Quality Assurance, OSHA Compliance, and SOP’s are vital in operating a regulated facility. At ICS we can help implement and recommend a Health and Sanitation plan of action for your facility. 

Compliance Binders & Records

Compliance binders provide an “at ease” experience for State level inspections. They are the culmination of all required business records, documents, licenses, certificates, tracking, logs and forms critical to keeping your licensed business compliant for current and future inspections.  Good record keeping practices is the glue, keeping a facility organized and on track to maintaining a compliant operation.

Our Webinar Series…

Regulation is not easy, or is it perfect and to be successful in this industry, being open to constant changes is a must. Our webinars cover a variety of topics such as compliance during all phases of your business, employee compliance trainings, and preparing for cannabis regulation. 

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