Compliance Audit

We perform audits of State licensed facilities to ensure all State regulations are being met and held to a high standard. ICS Consulting provides each licensed facility with a secured PDF evaluation report, a task of completion list and any violations that could be incurred at your facility. We not only utilize a compliance auditing software, but we still use our comprehensive checklist. At ICS we believe in empowering employees with compliance education. We cover how to maintain your own facility checklist, how to create one along with how to maintain a compliance culture with your team. We have the tools and resources for your business to stay complaint.

Employee Compliance Training

At ICS we take pride in the passion we have for compliance and educating employees on how to become passionate with compliance too. Creating a compliance culture can reduce stress in an already stressful environment and keeping up with regulations can be daunting for staff. We will help your employees gain the tools and knowledge to be successful in managing compliance as well as implementing it at any facility operation, whether it is cultivation, production or a dispensary. Our employee training can be immersed to fit the needs of any licensed facility nationally.

SOP Development

Looking for a place to start? We can help create custom tailored SOPs geared towards regulation. We are firm believers in having Standard Operating Procedures in any business, especially in an industry under the regulatory microscope.  Standardized procedures provide the necessary structure for employees to be successful and thrive in your business. Do you have existing SOPS in need of sprucing up? We can help revive old SOPs and give them new life again. Our SOPs are professionally printed and bound with your custom logo.

Facility Compliance Services

ICS offers monthly reoccurring compliance services. We will create your custom compliance package to fit the needs of your licenses. Including and not limited to Cultivation, Edible and Hash Production, and Dispensaries. Our goal is to educate on how to create a compliance culture with passion and integrity. We believe compliance creates a healthy structure in all types of environments. Are you in need of monthly compliance phone conferences, or site visits? We have you covered. For a compliance package request, please contact us through our contact form and schedule a free consultation today.

Packaging & Label Audits

Not sure if your labels or packaging is compliant? Let us help break it down, providing understanding and giving you the confidence your packaging and labels are on the right compliance track. We specialize in Child-Resistant (CR) packaging needs and have a resource of companies we work with on a regular basis, including cutting edge labels and branding. We have created the tools to provide guidance in the complexity of compliant labeling and packaging. ICS provides audits of your current labels and also assists in new labeling processes. We will work with your designer, label and packaging company to ensure compliance and your bottom line. For more information, contact us.

Start-up Phase

Need help during your build out phase of your operation? Look no further, with our hands on operations experience, we can assist you with city and state inspections during your build out phases to ensure compliance every step of the way. We specialize in Dispensary, Cultivation and Production set-ups and give you the tools needed to create a successful launch of a compliant licensed facility. Out of state? ICS works nationally and can guide you through your state regulations to create a top of the class compliant operation.

Compliance Binders

Our compliance binders provide an “at ease” experience for State level inspections. They are the culmination of all required business records, documents, licenses, certificates, tracking, logs and forms critical to keeping your licensed business compliant for current and future inspections. Our binders are custom made for all license facility types: Cultivation, Dispensary and Production. All Compliance Binders come with adequate training on how to utilize them during an inspection and how to maintain them on a monthly basis. A compliance binder can be the glue to keeping a facility organized and on track to maintaining a successful operation.

HR Training

Our experience in operating HR departments in Cannabis operations  give us the extra skill-sets required in working with your management staff.  We train on HR scenarios, how to handle unemployment claims, employee file compliance, preventative documentation, OSHA employee safety requirements, and implementation of employee handbook procedures. We offer a complete HR package, that comes complete with a customizable employee handbook, and human resource administrative forms. Our HR package comes with your custom logo and one on one training on how to utilize the forms and implement with employees. Any other additional forms not available in the HR package can be created custom for your business.

Public Speaking Engagements

Jenny is a member of Toastmasters International Speech Club, and participates weekly to challenge herself to be an empowered speaker and to work on leadership skills. She is involved in speech competitions as well as speaking in the cannabis industry sector on compliance and sharing her experiences. Jenny is available for speaking engagements nationally.


Safety is a key component to compliance

We help implement safety standards for any type of facility operations. Employee safety provides a healthy and guideline based environment. The more structure created and implemented, the greater the opportunity for employees to flourish and grow.

Structure is the path to your growth

Building your dreams and putting it on paper can be challenging and exciting all in the same experience. There are phases for every build out operation, whether it is a cultivation warehouse, greenhouse, or production of edibles or concentrates and dispensaries. One of the keys to a successful build out is implementing compliance processes during every step of the phase.

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It is a process

We understand building a business in a highly regulated environment is a process. At ICS Consulting we thrive in processes and over time have learned it is important to follow them. We know and understand having good structural processes in place is the cherry on top for maintaining a compliant business. Let us share our knowledge and 8+ years of hands on operations experience with you.

Next Steps...

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