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Compliance Assessment Services

We understand building a business in a highly regulated environment is a process. At ICS Consulting we thrive in processes and over time have learned the importance in following them. We know and understand having good structural processes in place is the cherry on top for maintaining a compliant business. Let us share our knowledge and a decade of hands on operations experience with you.

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Comprehensive Facility Audit

Our comprehensive Facility audit covers all state and local marijuana regulations. This process will uncover what violations are happening under the surface in your facility, along with highlighting what is going well.  We cover up to 300 questions per license to ensure everything is being covered.  We understand how vital it is to know where you are at in all your processes. Our audits come with educational aspects, remediation plan and a secure password protected PDF report.

Banking Yearly Submission Audit

Are you needing a compliance audit of your licensed operation to submit to your banking institution? Not a problem, we have you covered. ICS performs audits on a regular basis for companies needing to submit a yearly report to their bank to maintain a business account. All our reports are a PDF password protected, for a secure submission to your financial institution. Our on-site banking audits cover all state and local cannabis regulations.

Monthly & Quarterly Audits

ICS offers monthly or quarterly reoccurring compliance audits for any license facility type. Depending on how many licenses you have, we can come up with a custom package for your operation. Having the monthly or quarterly audits is a game changer for any business. This service is extremely critical for brand new companies just starting out, or for a large-scale operation with multiple licenses. Internal audits contribute to creating a culture of compliance.

Pre-License Assessments

We understand how challenging it can be stepping into cannabis regulation for the first time or even just the licensing process in any state. At ICS we offer an assessment of where you are at in comparison to the regulations during the phases of the licensing and build-out processes. We will conduct a walk-through of the proposed build-out site and go over the license premise plans from a non-violation perspective. We will provide a report of what needs remediated, to fully come into compliance at your proposed operation.

Records Keeping Audit

We feel for most states with regulated cannabis, records are one of the most important processes in a business under a microscope. Business record keeping is a requirement as part of Colorado regulations, including having access to all business records in the event of loss of internet, METRC or a power grid loss. There are certain records which need to be kept on-site and off-site of the license premise and for a certain number of years. At ICS we can audit all relevant required business records and provide you with a remediation action plan, letting you know what is missing in your records.

Packaging and Labeling Inventory Audit

We offer on-site one time, monthly, or quarterly inventory packaging and labeling audits for MIP facilities, Cultivation and Dispensaries. As we know how often the rules can change around packaging and labeling, we also understand how important it is to be diligent in this industry – especially direct to consumer. Our audit will cover inventory as it pertains to packaging and labeling rules going from a licensed facility to licensed facility and facility direct to consumer responsibilities for all packaging and labeling requirements. A remediation report will be provided.

Packaging and Label Review

A packaging and a label review are different from a full scope product audit. We are only reviewing any new label update or change. This typically happens in MIP facilities who may add seasonal products and need one label reviewed. Also, any new regulation changes should be addressed for a business who wants to ensure they are in full compliance with the new packaging and labeling rules and are ready for the next implementation date. Label proofs can be emailed to ICS Consulting and do not need to be reviewed on-site. All label reviews will receive a report of what needs to come into compliance.

Employee Performance Assessment

Are you curious if your employees are doing everything they are supposed to? ICS consulting will perform a baseline assessment of your staff, from the current culture that exists when owners are not around, how subordinate they are with managers, customer service skill-set for a regulated environment, employee to employee interaction, communication, the overall compliance culture and where it needs improvement. All assessments come with a plan of action of implementing new employee processes for each facility type.

One of the things we do best

We have a passion for implementing operation processes. Employee engagement is extremely important in creating a healthy operational facility. Structure is needed during every phase of the process, no matter if you are at the beginning, middle or end.

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Training Services

There are phases of compliance for every regulated operation, whether it’s a cultivation warehouse, greenhouse, or production of edibles or concentrates and dispensaries. One of the keys to a successful operation is implementing compliance processes during every step of building out your business. Employees are the gate-keepers of compliance and their role demands being properly trained.

On-Site Employee Training

At ICS we take pride in the passion we have for compliance and educating employees on how to become passionate with compliance too. Creating a compliance culture can reduce stress in an already stressful environment and keeping up with regulations can be daunting for staff. We will help your employees gain the tools and knowledge to be successful in managing compliance as well as implementing it at any facility operation, whether it is cultivation, production or a dispensary. Our employee training can be immersed to fit the needs of any licensed facility nationally.

On-line Employee Training

Your employees are on the front line in your business, they are the gate keepers of compliance. ICS provides comprehensive on-line training and educational programs for your staff. This on-line training is ideal for other states who are transitioning into regulation or who are already regulated. We offer all types of employee training, such as bud-tending, upper management, best practices, how to create a culture of compliance, HR training for managers, and situational safety training. We can customize any employee training required for your facility type.

Compliance Officer Training

A compliance officer is the grease that keeps the gears moving in a regulated operation. We train compliance officers on how to create important check lists such as doing a daily or weekly inventory audit, as well as intake and outgoing processes. We also cover how to perform internal audits, POS audits, keeping up with regulations and its changes, how to handle a state inspection, and going above and beyond what the state is requiring. Our compliance officer training can be on-site or off-site nationally. We also can customize a training for your operation and its specific needs.

Human Resource Operations Training

Our experience in operating Human Resource departments in Cannabis operations, gave us the extra skill-set required in providing this comprehensive training. We train your management team on HR scenarios, how to handle unemployment claims, employee file management and compliance, mitigating and preparing documents, and implementation of employee handbook procedures. We offer a HR package, that comes complete with a customizable employee handbook, and human resource administrative forms.


One of the things we do best

We love working with employees and are very passionate about inspiring them to be the best version of themselves. We understand on a deeper level since the CEO of ICS was an operations manager herself in a licensed facility. We recognize the connection that is required when working with employees, the value of teaching moments and championing employees to strive to meet their job performance goals. The more structure created and implemented, the greater the opportunity for employees to flourish and grow.

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Cannabis Operations

We help implement standards for any type of facility. A regulated operation and how efficient it runs, can be the heartbeat of the entire company. We feel there are simple steps a business can take in maintaining compliant operational standards.

SOP Development

 We can help create custom tailored Standard Operating Procedures geared towards your unique business operation. We are firm believers in having Standard Operating Procedures in any business, especially in an industry under the regulatory microscope. Standardized processes provide the necessary structure for employees and a business to be successful and thrive. We can create and teach you how to implement SOPs with your team of employees.  Our SOPs are professionally printed and bound with your custom logo.

SOP Review

A Standard Operating Procedure review covers going over your current (SOPS) standard operating procedures per license facility type. We look to ensure you are following the required regulations in your state and ensure they are being implemented with your staff. Are you a edibles manufacturer or a concentrate producer or a cultivation facility? These specific licenses are required to have their own set of SOPs. We can review your processes and see what is missing or needs to be added and or implemented.

Compliance Records Binder

Our compliance binders provide an “at ease” experience for a state level inspection. A compliance binder is the culmination of all required business records, documents, licenses, certificates, tracking, logs and forms critical to keeping your licensed business compliant for current and future inspections. Our binders are custom made for all license facility types including; Cultivation, Dispensary & Manufacturing. All Compliance Binders come with adequate training on how to maintain them.

Build-Out Services

We specialize in Dispensary, Cultivation and Production set-ups and give you the best tools and resources needed to create a successful launch of a compliant licensed facility. ICS’s CEO has six years of dispensary operational experience. We are available to assist on build-out sites with planning, dispensary design, including work flow, camera placement, bud-tending stations, and customer receiving area. We have 23 years of hands on restaurant  experience and understand health and sanitation processes for producing a product.

Customizable Facility Operation Training

We are offering customizable employee operations training for any facility type. As the client, you can pick specific topics you want your employees trained on. ICS will show up on site with a power point presentation and employee packets as part of the custom package.

Compliance Packages

At ICS we can customize any compliance package to fit your needs and the bottom line in your business. We understand having multiple operations and licenses can add up on cost. We highly suggest trying our customized packages, where we can create a flat rate bid for our services.

On-site Hourly Services

At ICS, on-top of our flat rate services, we also offer our consulting hourly rates for on-site or off-site assistance. This can be used for monthly phone calls, questions or solving an emergency compliance issue on site. We are also available to shadow a location and give compliance feedback.

Speaking Engagements

Jennifer was a Member and Vp of Marketing Officer in a local Denver International Toastermaster’s Club and completed the program with a Competent Communicator Certificate. She has been presenting speeches, podcasts, and webinars since 2015 when she transitioned over from being an employee in the industry to an owner of a compliance support ancillary business. Jennifer is available for speaking engagements nationally or internationally.

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