How to keep up with the Rules

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How to keep up with the Rules

March 11, 2017 Uncategorized 0

The snow is beginning to melt, and spring is here! I like this part of the year because it is time to dust off from the winter and getting adjusted to all of the new rule changes. One of the things I am learning from multiple managers is “How do we stay up to date on all of the rules, the constant changes?” Honestly this is a question I get all the time. What if you are not a large brand of dispensaries and you, the manager are literally wearing every hat in the business. What if you do not have a compliance officer or a full-time METRC administrator? How do you keep up?

Here are some tips to help out
  • Go to the MED Website and sign up for their Newsletter. You will get up to date bulletins from the MED the same day the owners get the email.
  • Follow ICS Consulting Service Facebook Page. We post FREE compliance information, compliance tips,bulletins from the State and county, as well as information on new rules and regulations
  • Consider a 3rd party METRC and Compliance Audit. Having a 3rd party compliance officer audit your facility, and having them create a weekly checklist to follow, to ensure things are tightened up. Sometimes being so deep in it, can be hard to have a bias outside look at the operation.
  • Hold regular once a month compliance meetings with your employees, create goals, what we need to improve on and what we are doing great! Foster a compliance culture! Create a support system for yourself. We are true believers in taking the fear out of compliance with education.
  • Sign up with your local municipalities. Denver county has a marijuana industry bulletins you can sign up for. See if your county provides any type of automated compliance material. This will help keep you up to date with local changes.
  • Sign up for FREE METRC webinars. METRC offers on-line classes on a weekly basis. We recommend participating in the webinars every 2 to 3 months to keep up with new changes.
  • Reminder! Every year new rules come out. Normally after the August working groups for the MED, in Sept/Nov, Red lined rules are released by the State. Take the time to see what is being proposed so it is not a scramble in 2018 when they are implemented.
  • Take a breath, you got this!

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