The Company

Jennifer L. Germano
CEO ICS Consulting Service 

Getting to know a little more about us…

Jennifer Germano worked in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry for 23 years and in her career, an important skill-set was developed, which played a vital role in who she is today.  A career in service, is one of the places she learned the value of hard work and working together as a team.

She began working in the Colorado marijuana field in 2009 as a receptionist, while working at a Denver hotel and a catering job. She worked her way from the ground floor through every employee and management position in a medical and a recreational marijuana facility to the level of Director of Operations of a multi-million dollar retail dispensary and cultivation operation.

During her time as an employee of a six year span, she operated multiple licensed facilities in Colorado and currently has been a consultant since 2015.  Jennifer 
is skilled in creating operations structure, developing accountability and leadership skills in employees. 

She is an advocate for employee compliance education, as she was once an employee herself in the industry. Jennifer understands the connection that is required when working with employees and understands the value of teaching moments and championing employees to strive to be their best.

​In 2015 Jennifer founded ICS Consulting Service and transitioned from being an employee in the industry to an owner of a compliance support focused consulting business. ICS specializes in compliance-based services, such as third-party auditing for licensed facilities, employee compliance training, SOP development, facility build-outs, human resource and OSHA compliance, and assisting in opening new dispensaries. Jennifer is currently working with clients in Colorado, Maryland and Michigan markets.